Grandes batalhas CXIX: Afrodite vs Perséfone: Adônis, amado por ambas, que se odeiam, deve ficar com quem no tempo que tem livre?

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Essa enquete é fruto de uma sugestão dada por Isaac Alves, leitor do blog, servindo também como uma homenagem a ele. Além disso, é uma das enquetes mais difíceis de responder que eu já fiz. Anúncios

Grandes batalhas CXI: O que dá o maior vazio no peito?

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Grandes Batalhas CV: O que é o amor? Ele existe? (Feliz dia dos namorados)

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Please correct my English. I’m still learning.   Battles CV: What is love? Does love exist?   Aphrodite: Yeah =).   Kama and Rati: Love is sex and passion.   Hera: Love is commitment.   Zeus: Only men are able to love.   Isis: The only true love is a mother’s.   Tot: It is a […]

Deusa Atena – Peça de colecionador

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Essa é a deusa Atena da minha coleção de miniaturas. Linda, não? É a deusa da sabedoria, da estratégia e da guerra. Logo chegará a miniatura da deusa Hera (deusa do casamento e das mulheres elitistas, exclusivistas, moralistas e conservadoras). Quiçá, também chegará a Afrodite, deusa de quem ama de verdade – se o cara dos EUA responder […]

Grandes batalhas C: Qual a maior dor?

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  Great battles C: What is the greatest pain? Aphrodite: lose a being who loves forever Athena: lose a war Pandora: lose hope Odin: lose wisdom Isis: lose the magic of life Priapus: be helpless Morpheus: lose the ability to dream Ra: lose power Dionysus: surrender fully to reason or madness Mnemosyne: be forgotten Lakshmi: […]

Grandes batalhas LXI: Sob fortes pressões, Zeus renunciou ao poder e convocou eleições democráticas para um mandado de 50 anos. Vote em seu candidato!

Candidatos e propostas:

Please correct my English. I’m learning yet.


Great battles LXI: Under strong pressure, Zeus resigned from power and called for democratic elections to a warrant 50 years. Vote for your candidate!

Zeus. Continuism? No! I intend to continue my government for over 50 years. With me in the power Olympus prospered and became the greatest power in the universe!

Hera. I want to establish a matriarchal society in which women commands and in which wars are not tolerated. I want a civilized, organized and clean Olympus.

Hermes. I intend to establish a kleptocracy (government of thieves, like the Brazil). I will president and if you’re one of the 20 1ºs to vote for me have a place in Congress.

Demeter. I will establish one timocracy. A middle ground between oligarchy and aristocracy. A government formed by landowners. I am the goddess of agriculture.

Hades. I Government Hell and the Elysian Fields. If elected, I will teach everyone how to live correctly. This way, when death comes everyone will enter in the Champs Elysees and not in hellish prisons.

Aphrodite. Olympus will be a new Sodom or Gomorrah. I will fight for the rights of women and gays. Enough hypocrisy! Sex and debauchery is life! Vice presidente: Dionysus, god of orgies, wine and madness.

Ares. I’ll create a militarized state in Sparta molds. rigorous military training. I want a strong society, because the strong should prevail over the weak. War fuck!

Athena. I will put into practice the fair city of Plato, which is governed by the wise, protected by warriors and maintained by economic producers, all fulfilling their own function.

Poseidon. I Will install an absolutist state. I will be the state. Derive my divine power. All branches of government will be in my hands. There will be no general election.

Apollo. Vice president Artemis. We will install meritocracy. Each will have a position according to their skills. Hierarchical positions will be obtained on the basis of merit.

Hephaestus. Science will be the guiding of all decisions. Scientists, engineers, other technical professionals and nerds are by my side.

Hestia. I am the eldest, I was soon to be the first ruler of Olympus and not Zeus. I’m the protector of cities and families. I will rule for all. The family and the home are the foundation of society.

Em caso de dúvidas, é só perguntar que eles responderão.

afrodite deusa da beleza

Campanha irregular de Deméter abaixo?

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