Grandes batalhas CXI: O que dá o maior vazio no peito?

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Grandes Batalhas LXIII: Cronos vs Eros. A força inexorável do tempo, que é capaz de fustigar a paixão e selar a dor da perda, é capaz de aplacar o amor?

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Great Battles LXIII: Kronos vs. Eros. The inexorable time force, which is able to harass the passion and seal the pain of loss, is able to placate love?


Yes. Cronos controls the greatest power: time. Nothing resists its inexorable power. Human, structures, civilizations will disappear; feelings and memories are crushed


No, nothing beats love; nothing beats the Eros arrows (Cupid). Love is what makes us human and strong; It is what drives us. Who loves never forgets.


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